Drag and Drop Items for the Main Toolbox in ActivInspire

On this page you will find one page ActivInspire Flipcharts that contain objects that you can Drag and Drop into the user defined section of your toolbox. The purpose of these objects is to support your creative flipchart building experience. . Click and drag the object to the user defined area of your main toolbox. NOTE: Some items you may want to set as "drag a copy" once they are in your flipchart.
Magic Erasers
Drag and Drop Magic Erasers.flipchart

Express Poll Templates
Drag and Drop Express Poll templates.flipchart

Sticky Notes
Drag and Drop Sticky.flipchart

Drag and Drop Thumbtacks.flipchart

Toolbox On Flipchart Page
Drag and Drop Tools in Flipchart.flipchart

Math Charts
Drag and Drop Math Charts.flipchart

Labeled Fraction Bars / Pie Pieces
Drag and Drop Fraction Bars.flipchart

Math Formula Charts - 3rd - 5th Grade

Graph Paper

3-D Boxes
Drag and Drop 3D Boxes.flipchart

Score Keepers
Score Keepers.flipchart



Tables and T-chart
Drag and Drop Tables and T-Chart.flipchart