Sites to use with Interactive Whiteboards (IWB)
Virtual Manipulatives for Every Subject
Edit A Dual Spinner - Type the labels you would like to appear on each of the two spinners.
Link Up - Link Up is a resource which requires students to link words to categories.
16 Option Spinner - A single spinner with 16 blanks that you can edit.
Simple Timer - It’s a very simple and clear timer which also includes a ‘countdown’ feature. Large Display
3-D Dice Roller - Click anywhere on the screen to roll the dice.
4 Option Spinner - A single spinner with 4 blanks that you can edit.
Probability Spinner - This spinner will randomly select from your choice of spinner and record the results.
Word Mix - The resource provides an easy way to create anagrams on the interactive whiteboard.
Scoreboard - A very simple and easy to use resource which will turn your interactive whiteboard into a scoreboard for up to six teams.
Various Interactive Whiteboard Resources By Subject - This links shows all of the IWB resources. Below, it is organized by subject.
Student Interactives- Thinkfinity's list of interactives and media resources. These can be searched by grade level and subject.
Fuel the Brain Interactives - A number of math interactives plus science and others. These may be searched by grade.

Math Resources
Data Handling
Shape,Space & Measure
General Maths
Base Ten Blocks
Modeling With Base Ten Blocks
Language Arts Resources