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1st 9weeks , 2nd 9weeks , 3rd 9weeks , 4th 9weeks

Math Review Games

5.1 A, B - Place value, whole numbers, and decimals 1st 9weeks

5.2A - Equivalent fractions 2nd 9weeks 4th 9weeks

5.2B - Mixed numbers/improper fractions 2nd 9weeks 4th 9weeks

5.2C - Compare Fractions 2nd 9weeks 4th 9weeks

5.2D - Fractions to decimals 2nd 9weeks 4th 9weeks

5.3A - Add and subtract whole numbers and decimals 1st 9weeks 4th 9weeks

5.3B, C - Multiply and divide whole numbers 1st 9weeks 4th 9weeks

5.3D - Common factors 1st 9weeks

5.3E - Model addition and subtraction of fractions with like denominators 2nd 9weeks

5.4 - Estimation 1st 9weeks 4th 9weeks

5.5A - Relationships in tables, lists, charts 1st 9weeks 4th 9weeks

5.5B - Identify prime/composite 1st 9weeks

5.6 - Diagrams and number sentences 1st 9weeks 4th 9weeks

5.7A, B - Geometry -- 2D, 3D attributes

5.8A, B - Geometry -- transformations 3rd 9weeks

5.9 - Ordered pairs on a grid 2nd 9weeks 4th 9weeks

5.10A - Conversions within length, weight, and capacity 3rd 9weeks

5.10B - Connect models to formulas (area, perimeter, volume) 1st 9weeks 4th 9weeks

5.10C - Measure area, perimeter, volume 1st 9weeks 4th 9weeks

5.11A - Temperature 4th 9weeks

5.11B - Elapsed time 4th 9weeks

5.12A, B - Probability -- fractions, predictions 2nd 9weeks

5.12C - Possible outcomes 2nd 9weeks

5.13A - Use tables to make line graphs 2nd 9weeks

5.13B - Mean, mode, range from tables and graphs 2nd 9weeks

5.13C - Graph data 2nd 9weeks

5.14A, B, C, D - Problem solving 1st 9weeks 4th 9weeks

5.15A, B - Communication/language 1st 9weeks 4th 9weeks

5.16A,B - Generalizations, reasonableness 1st 9weeks 4th 9weeks