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Various Backgrounds
Background Resource Packs
Backgrounds by Meret

Graphic Organizers

Graphic Organizers - Stem and leaf, Story, Plot, Settings, Characters, Main ideas
Graphic Organizers II -Fishbone maps to show causal links, Cycle circle to show sequencing of events, Compare matrix to compare and contrast, Sequence Organizer, Spider Organizer, KWL Organizer, Describing Wheel, Story Boards, Venn Diagrams, Comparison Matrice

Seasonal Resource Packs

Fall and Halloween
Thanksgiving Resource Packs
Winter Animations
Winter Holiday Images
Winter Holidays
Winter Question Templates

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Kinder Language Activities

Math Resource Packs

Cuisenaire Rods
Number Lines
Math Collections
NRich Math's Circular Geoboard
Math's Playground Geoboard
NRich Math's Interactive Pegboard

Science Resource Packs

Space Images
Oceans, Waves and labeled diagrams
Science Up Close (Harcourt)
Virtual Volcano (Discovery)

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Inventors and Inventions
Interactive Maps
My Great Maps

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Discussion and Opinion Prompts

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Pull Tabs
Pets (dogs, cats, fish)
Signs, Frames, etc.
Magic Erasers
Scratch Paper

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